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The Three

The Three

Carpinteria Library, Montecito Library, Santa Barbara Central Library, Solvang Library

November 9, November 16 , November 19 , November 30, 2017

Created and Directed by E. Bonnie Lewis
with Collaboration by Leslie Gangl Howe and Nita June Davanzo
Assistant Director: Ken Gilbert>/p>

A good story has the power to entertain and delight. A good story broadens our views of self, community, the world. A good story can become a springboard that ignites the imagination and inspires other art forms. Using STATION ELEVEN as a point of departure, DramaDogs takes us on an interpretive theatrical journey, integrating and incorporating original stories, the words of Shakespeare, music and movement: expressing the themes of fate, home, what we value, and the calling of the creative spirit . . . because survival, truly, is insufficient.

The Three is part of Dramadog’s RELEVANT ACTION Projects