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  • The Boondawgle Estate | September 2016

DramaDogs, a Theater Company, is a multidisciplinary and project-driven theater production company that celebrates the creative process. It is the intention of DramaDogs to develop theatrical and performance pieces, training programs and educational outreach that touch the human spirit.

In the art that we create, we enter into a body-centered process with the collaborating artists. The individual artists’ experiences, in life and in rehearsal, are the most viable creative tool toward performance. DramaDogs works in partnership at production meetings, rehearsals and into the final performances; the director, designers, actors and technicians voices are heard and integrated into to the overall vision of a theater piece or project. The artists working together reveal and bring forward an artistic statement of the company that becomes the crafted art of any given piece.

DramaDogs crafts challenging theatrical productions and workshops that provide opportunities for actors and performers to explore and discover their own creativity through their personal experiences, discoveries and awareness. What we want to express, how we want to express it and the characters we are creating unfold in layers, revealing to us, that which leads to our theatrical productions.