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Qualities of Mercy

Qualities of Mercy

Santa Barbara Public Library (Faulkner Gallery), Santa Barbara, CA, and Solvang Festival Theater, Solvang, CA

March 20, 2016 and April 25, 2016

Qualities of Mercy by Jinny Webber

  • Featuring E. Bonnie Lewis, Meredih McMinn, & Josh Jenkins
  • Directed by Ken Gilbert
  • Music arranged and performed by Josh Jenkins

Qualities of Mercy weaves stories and themes around justice, mercy, race and hope that are represented in the book, Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson. His book is a springboard to heighten our awareness and consciousness about the inequities within our justice system especially for the poor, mentally disabled and disenfranchised members of our society. DramaDogs dramatizes moment form the book with songs and movement interspersed within quotes and facts from James Baldwin, William Shakespeare, Pope Francis, Franklin D. Roosevelt, to name a few.

Qualities of Mercy is intended to inspire the audience to feel and think about the issues that currently prevail within our justice system – wrongful accusations, cruel and unusual punishment in the form of solitary confinement, treating the mentally disabled as criminals, egregious abuse of power that criminalizes people of color, the poor, women and our youth.

Qualities of Mercy is part of Dramadog’s RELEVANT ACTION Projects