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Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity

Center Stage Theater
Santa Barbara, California
October 4 – 6, 2013

Defying Gravity by Jane Anderson


  • Monet – Ken Gilbert
  • Elizabeth – Natascha Skerczak
  • Teacher – Michelle A. Osborne
  • Ed – Juan Rodriquez
  • Betty – Meredith McMinn
  • Donna – Erica S. Connell
  • C.B. – Joe Andrieu
  • Director – E. Bonnie Lewis & Ken Gilbert
  • Set & Lights – Theodore Michael Dolas
  • Musical Direction – Eric Valinsky
  • Stage Management – Christy Prager

In 1986, Beta-Cam Recorders were new, the first laptops emerged, and email was being defined along with the internet (cell phones and video upload did not yet exist). On January 28, many of us watched on TV or listed to the launch of the Challenger Space Shuttle with the first civilian (a teacher) aboard.

No one was prepared for what we saw or heard. Seconds after launch the Challenger exploded. How does each of us react or respond to something that is beyond our ability to control? If we were watching TV we saw the vapors and smoke and the debris falling to earth.

How do we change our vantage point of tragedy – seven people died inside the wonders and possibilities of leaving to Earth to go into out space? Can we look at what happened in a forced perspective of hope? Are we able to find connection with each other in order to “go on”?