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Dance Me To the End of Love

Dance Me To the End of Love

Center Stage Theater
Santa Barbara, California
September 26 – October 5, 2014

Dance Me to the End of Love: an Ensemble of Short Plays by EM Lewis

Repertory Company

E. Bonnie Lewis, Ken Gilbert, Kathy Marden, Jennifer Marco, George Coe and Mack Urbanowicz

  • Director: Ken Gilbert & E. Bonnie Lewis
  • Composer and Musical Direction: Eric Valinsky
  • Set & Lighting: Theodore Michael Dolas
  • Graphic Artist: Sally Rogers
  • Costumes: Michelle A Osborne
  • Eye Glasses: Ochialli Eyewear
  • Makeup: Karissa Torres
  • Choreography: Leslie Sack
  • Stage Manager & Props: Gitte
  • Promotion: McFadden & McFadden P.R.

The Plays:

$2,500 OBO – “Oh, the things they fail to tell you in the manual.”
May – Kathy|Arthur – Mack | Carrie – Jennifer

The Manuscript – “And where the great offence is, let the great axe fall.”
R. G. Barnhart – E. Bonnie | Kelly Morton – Jennifer

Reveille – “You’ve got no idea what you’re doing here.”
Leonard O’Connor – Ken | Leonard “Linny” O’Connor II – George

Gin – “Making a good martini requires concentration.”
Jill – Kathy | Brian – Mack

Sing Me That Leonard Cohen Song Again – “Everything happens so surprising to me.”
Shelley – Jennifer | Alex – George

Ask Roberto! – “This is not the sort of conversation a person should have sober.”
Roberto – Mack | Helen – E. Bonnie | Dan – Ken

If We Kissed – “You’ll say the line better if you’re getting laid; existentialism, honey.”
Mark – Mack | Stan – George

Apple Season – “I’m here to ask you about the place.”
Mary Elizabeth Fogerty – Jennifer | Will Rizzell – George

Character and conflict are at the epicenter of theater as an art form. The play and the plot are the container for the characters’ thoughts, feelings and actions through conflict and resolution – peaceful and otherwise – fed by the dynamics of relationships.

Dance Me to the End of Love is an ensemble of eight short plays where characters’ lives are quickly revealed. With only a few words, the characters, their environment, and their relationships are catapulted into exposition, for only a moment: a whole lifetime is exposed for the audience’s examination. DramaDogs shares that mastery of EM Lewis’ word through 18 characters in both serious and silly circumstances. The unrelated plays are brought together through visual and movement segues allowing the audience to breathe from moment to moment and play to play.