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The 12/12/120 Campaign

Run with us: 12-12-120!

Dear Supporter,

Our ongoing fund raising campaign - 12-12-120 – supports DramaDogs to promote body-centered theater in Santa Barbara! Join us as we nourish and sustain the artistry of DramaDogs, a Theater Company.

We are asking you for $12.00 per month for 12 months; when we get 120 DramaDogs subscribers as excited as you, our operating costs will be covered for the year. We will be able to rent space for our ongoing classes, pay for insurance, have all of our supplies and materials taken care of all the while offering our friends and community quality classes, heartfelt, compassionate, thought provoking theater, and a company of players eager to serve through our art!

It’s easy! On our website:, Click on the The 12/12/120 Campaign Subscribe Button. The PayPal option will take you through the process. Also, there are a number of other donation options to choose from. If you prefer to donate directly to DramaDogs through online banking, rather than PayPal, us know and we will gladly give you the Bank Routing information.

Bonnie and Ken – DramaDogs, a Theater Company

The Barbara Burger Challenge

Over the years DramaDogs has been fortunate to acquire a deep and enriching following filled with audience members, volunteers, and donors who savor our “THEATER from the inside OUT.” One especially stands out and is taking a big step forward…..come along and join……


“Over the last ten years, I have attended nearly every performance by DramaDogs. At every show, I have been most surprised and delighted at not only the skill of the acting, but also the grace and strength of each actor.”

Our friend, colleague, fan, and donor, Barbara Burger, has now become a Leader of the Pack. We are all thrilled about our upcoming shows and immersed in the creative process of bringing them to life and Barbara, who is passionate about our work, is calling all of us to task. She has generously donated $500.00 for our shows in September and February and urges you to meet her donation. We are deep into rehearsals for our newest show – DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE –an Ensemble of Short Plays by EM Lewis. Discover what Martinis, Manuscripts, Kisses and Leonard Cohen have in common while DramaDogs takes you on a funny, touching and endearing journey of characters in all sorts of relationships.

We will also begin work on our original TALES OF WOO & WOE: A JOURNEY OF THE HEART an original theatrical production, written by local playwright Jinny Webber in collaboration with William Shakespeare, which depicts the always surprising complexities of love through the timeless words, songs, and sonnets of the Bard. The production is set to premiere at Center Stage Theater and run February 6th through February 14, 2015.

  • Your matching $500 donation – 2 complimentary tickets, mention in program
  • Your $750 – 3 complimentary tickets, mention in program, reserved seating
  • Your $1,000.00 - 4 complimentary tickets, reserved seating, mention in program, opportunity to attend a rehearsal and see us from the inside out!

Become a leader of our pack and join Barbara Burger

“This organization deserves much credit and support to keep their performances forthcoming.”

It’s easy:


Join Us

Your interest and excitement in experience as art will make it possible for DramaDogs, a Theater Company, to originate, explore and create extraordinary theater in our community and beyond. Thank you for your generous contribution to our work in the performing arts!
DramaDogs, a Theater Company, is a multidisciplinary and project driven theater production company that celebrates the creative process. It is the intention of DramaDogs to develop theatrical and performance pieces, training programs and educational outreach that touch the human spirit. DramaDogs, a Theater Company, is a Federal Tax Exempt – 501(c)(3) Corporation – to which charitable contributions and donations may be made. The following list indicates the privileges of contributors and donors who support DramaDogs:

$1 – 1,000
Benefit: Name on Donor Board
Invitation to the “Donor Reception”

$ 1,001 - 5,000
Benefit: Name on Donor Board
Invitation to the “Donor Reception”
Invited Process / Dress Rehearsal / Pre-view
Seating in Reserved Section

$  5,001 +
Benefit: Name on Donor Board
Invitation to the “Donor Reception”
Invited Process / Dress Rehearsal / Pre-view
“Producing Partner” recognition on a production

Matching Gifts

If your employer offers a matching gift program, it may match your donation, which can double or even triple your level of support. DramaDogs credits all matching gifts to the initiating donor, giving you the increased visibility and benefits associated with your new level of giving.

Please check with your human resources department to see if your company participates in a matching gift program for the arts.

For more information, please contact 805.687.680 or email us at

Our Sponsors

Dramadogs proudly recognizes our corporate sponsors and donors. A special thank you to our Corporate Partners.