" Both of my children were fortunate enough to have been under the tutelage of DramaDogs and were able to carry with them the knowledge they learned to other productions with an outside school production. "

- Kim Winch

" Both productions were a grand lesson in creative costuming, language and acting skills that has all of them, and our school, still talking. "

- Kim Winch


Dramadogs Education Program collaborates with public and private schools of our community to educate students in theater arts, literature, and performances. We also instruct student/actors to identify and explore their artistic voice. Through teaching the student/actors to work from the inside out, their life experiences are reflected by the creative process.

DramaDogs does CLASS

Educational Programs

  • 3 hour and 6 hour workshops
    • Young adults (adolescent) through mature adults
    • Seasoned and unseasoned artists
  • Beginning process Workshops experience the DramaDogs technique
    • Breath, movement, sound and voice
    • Open to any level
  • Artists in residence for high schools, junior colleges and colleges
    • DramaDogs will come to your school for a class a day or a week
    • Character development, monologue and scene
  • Private coaching for developing and seasoned artists
    • Movement, vocal, character development

Teaching Process

Working with our students/actors, we:

  • Pioneer an acting process or method of creative discovery for all ages and experience levels.
  • We use movement, voice, language and multi-media for students/actors to tap into their own imagery, thoughts and feelings.
  • We discover and explore the movement of the student/actor, the breath of their body, the sounds of their inner self and the words that each speaks.
  • We believe it is the student/actor who is the vehicle of the creative process.
  • Through the actions and thoughts of their bodies, the students/actors reveal their inner truths. Within these truths we find the clearest and most articulate physical expression of thoughts, feelings, and actions of the player-their feelings, frailties and vulnerabilities that are brought to the surface.

In our process we:

  • Are curious and fascinated by people and their relationships inside themselves and between themselves and others.
  • We believe that our physical bodies reveal and express the diverse aspects of our humanity in emotions, thoughts and actions.
  • We explore and create possibilities in the physical expression of movement and gesture, sound and emotion.
  • We ignite our inner wisdom and discover ourselves through our own experiences.

Our process includes:

  • Therapeutic and psychological modalities that create a safe environment.
  • Enabling the student/actor to express, explore and integrate personal issues into the creative process.
  • We guide the student actor in their revelation and integration of physical movement and emotional expression. Then, and only then, do we begin to make creative choices of how to theatrically play out an issue, an incident or a character in relationships.